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All the products are delivered and installed after the GD Quality check


(Glass Reinforced Polymer) is the most durable material for the street furniture industry, GRP is versatile in design and can adopt different finishes. They are Strong, lightweight and easy to install. It shows amazing characteristics like Corrosion resistance, water tightness and thermal insulation. GRP can be recycled and can minimise the environmental impact compared to its substitutes. GRP reduces the environmental impact as it minimises the use of concrete volume.


(Wood-plastic composite) The main advantage of WPC is that it retains the best properties of wood while eliminating its problems. Unlike other WPC brands we use TherraWood® WPC which is imported from Turkey and benchmarks in quality. WPCs do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot, decay, and marine borer attack.


(Glass Reinforced Concrete) It is strong and versatile in nature, the strength is exceptional due to the use of fiber reinforcement, they are heavy and durable.