Calligraphic pillars, walls

Calligraphic pillars, walls and other testimonials

Gulf Decorex company expertise in making of the chisel made calligraphic testimonials on pillars and walls or everywhere, utilizing the GRG applications. The explicit specific areas are mostly on Masjids and Domes. It is entirely skilled handicraft work. Though these works are handy or ingenious performs, looks very dazzling and static. We can decide on a lot of customary looks of veiled histories to expose for the next generation. Calligraphy was used to write sacred texts and letters to religious authorities. In Islamic times, this became the favored style for Quranic transcriptions, due to its gravity, legibility, grace and sheer visual impact. Nowadays these calligraphic approaches are coming back in the build art fashion like in the era of 14th century. While the renaissance period we could understand that the world has a great resurgence in calligraphy especially in Syrian, Egyptian and Spanish regions. So, here we are in a great task of recapturing that prosper cultural scenario.

Moroccan and Turkish style calligraphy is better known than the other art forms. Our art division has a great focus on it. To carve a typographic presentation where as we need is not a burden for us. Because, we owned all about it. The calligraphers are primarily setting a vision in mind then they will begin to create a new font style and colors to realize that vision. After visualizing their complete drawing, hand grave technicians will carve the design. Calligraphic lettering can provide a source of fascination and wonder for all being painted in the way of impression. Crafting a calligraphic design is closer to fine art. And as having a good philosophy in artistic and talented masteries of GRG and GRP pillar or domes art, Gulf Decorex Company is creating a legendary in Calligraphy.

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